Ham 100% Acorn Iberian

Cut to knive

Since the sixties ABASA has developed to become an example of tradition and contemporary innovation. It stands out for being a company in an optimal moment of growth and development: on the one hand, history and tradition support us, on the other hand, modernity, automation and the technology in which they have been invested allow us to stand out when it comes to meeting the stringent demands of our customers. Currently the commercial project has evolved to bring beyond the taste of tradition to the marketing of typical food products of the area such as the well-known “Ibérico de Bellotas”.

Jamón ibérico de Bellota (Iberian ham) is a type of ham originating from pigs of the Iberian breed, highly appreciated in Spanish cuisine, where it is considered a product of haute cuisine.
Appearance of the pig: It is an animal with a sharp and narrow snout, with a black coat. Despite her body mass volume, her skeleton is slim with stylized, long legs.
Feeding: during the Montanera, the period from October to December, the pig lives in the wild and feeds exclusively on holm oak, cork or oak acorns.
The Fat: Its genetics allow it to keep fat in their muscle tissue, which provides the unique oily and intense texture of Iberian ham. The fat is shiny, smooth and soft to the touch.
Color, flavor and aroma: The color of the ham ranges from pink to purplish red. It has a slightly fibrous texture and fat infiltrates. The combination of its delicate flavor and intense aroma makes this dish an indispensable product in the diet of any good gourmet.