Abasa Olive Oils are the result of a selection of the best olive oils obtained from olives harvested in the hot and sunny land of Spain. A process of selection and marketing began in the Sixties, which established the company as a leader in quality. Today, Abasa combines high technology in olive oil production with the best of traditions, handed down throughout the centuries by the finest master artisans in the region.
From the beginning, top quality olive oils protected by Designation of Origin BAENA (the oldest and most important in Spain) have been produced and sold under the Abasa brand. They also have been recognized with the most prestigious awards of quality and honor in the olive oil sector. Aceites Abasa company is located in Baena, in one of the main olive oil producing area in Spain. The Baena Designation of Origin Council is created to protect the origin of the olive oil, overseeing both the organoleptic features of the products and all the production processes, from farming procedures to packaging. Therefore, Abasa product range is carefully selected to be a top quality product line, with a smooth taste, light and delicate.

Some of the most important prizes of our history
Distinción de Honor 1985
Distinción de popularidad de 1985
Premio Galeón 1988
Hostecor 1994
Ayuntamiento de Baena 1995
Galeon de Calidad 1996
Fibes Sevilla 1997
II Simposio andaluz Alimentación 1999